50s and 60s music

x10mm asked: "not a question, just a comment. Love you posts! thank you :)"


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Track Title: Whatcha Gonna Do

Artist: Billie Davis

Album: Whatcha Gonna Do

Billie Davis - Whatcha Gonna Do

psychedelic-babydoll asked: "Could you please post Billie Davis whatcha gonna do? :)"

sure :)

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Track Title: I Want To Be Evil

Artist: Eartha Kitt

Album: That Bad Eartha

Eartha Kitt - I Want To Be Evil

Track Title: The Gentleman Is A Dope

Artist: Diana Dors

Album: Swinging Dors

Diana Dors - The Gentleman Is A Dope

Track Title: Vacation (Album Version)

Artist: Connie Francis

Album: Gold


Connie Francis - Vacation

Track Title: Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

Artist: The Four Lads

Album: Four Lads: 16 Most Requested Songs


The Four Lads - Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

Track Title: Hot Fun In The Summertime

Artist: Sly & The Family Stone


Sly and the Family Stone - Hot Fun in the Summertime

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teenage-mutant-ninja-ross asked: "Your blog is freaking amazing! I seriously love anything from the 60's!"

Thanks! :)

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